How to Break into the Film and TV Industry in Los Angeles



  •  How to Achieve Your Goals

o   You'll learn all about my background and how I achieved my goals, and the lessons I learned when I struggled to do so. I guide you to identify and pursue your goals and you get a worksheet to plan out your next steps.


  • What Life is Like as an Assistant

o   You will read all about the ups and downs of being an assistant from my own stories to the stories of others. I discuss job duties, treatment, payment, what living in LA is like, and more.


  • What To Do Before Your Move to LA

o   There's an entire chapter of tangible actions to take before you move to LA, including two worksheets to help you get those things done. This is crucial to make sure you are prepared and set up for success for your first few months in Hollywood.


  • Where To Start

o   Find out exactly where to look for jobs, the difference between union and non-union jobs, and how to use your network to expand your job search. Even if you do not have a network, I will show you how to grow it and I also give you a worksheet and starter email to reach out to potential employers!


  • Building Your Resume

o   In this section, you'll learn the top two mistakes in assistant resumes and how to avoid them. You'll also read about each section of an assistant resume and how to write them to make you stand out. You get information on top skills employers look for in assistants and what to do if you do not have film and TV experience. You also get a special discount for my resume services!


  • Interview Tips

o   You will find out what to expect for your interviews and how to nail them. I also share lessons I've learned from successful and failed interviews from being interviewed to being on the other end of the interview. You will read all about what employers look for when hiring an assistant and how to best prepare.


  • Personal Stories

o   I tell you a lot of stories so you get a full understanding of the industry and be better prepared to get started. Many of these stories I have not discussed before on my YouTube channel or blog. I also share my personal view of the mindset you should have when applying for work and going through the process. This is the “spiritual” part of the book. I discuss things like the law of correspondence, dealing with setbacks, and manifestation.


  • A Direct Line to Me & Others Who Buy The Book

o   From the beginning, I give you my email to contact me directly. I will prioritize responding to your questions and will also become part of your network. You will also gain a network of assistants on a secret Facebook Group where you can ask more questions, see special job posts, and learn from one another. 


I want this!

In this downloadable ebook, I tell you exactly all the things I did to break into the film and TV industry in Los Angeles and I give you all the steps to do it yourself!  I’ve seen so many people go about it the wrong way, and from sharing my experiences on YouTube and talking to people on the internet and IRL, I’ve realized: Y’ALL NEED A GUIDE. So that’s what I sought out to do. I’ve created a practical and some-what spiritual guide in breaking into the industry.' Think of me as your Hollywood medium... not like the E! TV show Hollywood Medium but more like the person that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Of course, at the end of the day it's all about what you do. But it’s always an easier journey when traveling with a guide.

56 Pages Full of Actionable Take-Aways
Insider Info on How to Get a Job
Find Out How to Avoid Common Mistakes
Access to a Private Facebook Group and More!

How to Break into the Film and TV Industry in Los Angeles

I want this!